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An active and functional collaboration working for the health and success of youth for over a decade.
The Collaboration
OHY is composed of a collaboration of Orono Public Schools area community members. This group meets once per month on the second Thursday at 9:15am at the Orono Discovery Center in Maple Plain. At each meeting, members discuss current issues that are relevant to its youth and communities.

Members of the Collaboration

  • Executive Director Melanie DeLuca - Director of Orono Community Education
  • Chair Catherine Russin - Orono Middle School teacher, parent, resident of Minnetonka Beach
  • Member Marvin Johnson - Mayor of Independence, Representative of WeCan and CAPSH
  • Member Michele Kunz - Rep of Intermediate District 278, resident of Maple Plain
  • Member Ted Knutson - Orono Rotary Club, A.R. Patterson VFW Post #7, Be Frienders Ministry
  • Member Courtney Flug - Case Manager for Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners
  • Member Margaret Buschbom - senior citizen representative, resident of Orono
  • Member Martha VandeVen - Orono School Board Member, resident of Medina
  • Member Chad Stenrud - Orono Police Department, Orono Public Schools Liaison Officer
  • Member Dave Garwick - Pastor at Faith Lutheran Church, faith community representative
The Mission
Orono Healthy Youth is a community based, non-profit organization working to help youth be healthy and successful.

The History
OHY has been actively working in the communities of the Orono School District since 1996. The organization was formerly known as Orono Healthy Communities Healthy Youth.

The organization provides direct service programs, community resources and education to build healthy youth from birth through teenaged years. Our programs include:

  • Mentoring
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Fifty Fifty Youth Center
  • Academic support
  • Community Outreach and Education
  • Parenting Resources
Current Influence
As programs continue to develop, more and more students are becoming engaged in quality programs. Here's where we are as of January of 2010:
  • 38 students actively participating in the After School Homework Help at the Orono Middle School
  • 7 students actively participating in YoT Club from the Orono Intermediate School
  • 80 students serving their community through Youth In Action


Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth
OHY is a part of Search Institute's initiative, Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth. Their purpose is to equip and support communities around the world in building Developmental Assets in young people.

Minnesota Alliance with Youth
OHY also supports an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow that is working with a cohort of students in the Orono Middle School. This partnership is made possible through the Minnesota Alliance with Youth. Here are summaries of the accomplishments of the Promise Fellow:
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