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Pulling together the resources all around us is what creates success, we cannot do it alone.
Local Community Support

A variety of resources exist within the local area that work towards the success of the community's youth. Orono Healthy Youth depends on relationships with each of these entities for it's survival and success.

Partners of the Orono Healthy Youth Collaborative

Orono Public Schools is the local school district that Orono Healthy Youth serves. All students within this school district have access to OHY's programs.

Orono Community Education works as a close partner to help support and provide the programs of OYH. Check out their web site for even more opportunities for youth and adults.

Orono Discovery Center provides space and support to the programs of OHY. They also have a variety of youth and adult programs as well as child daycare.

Western Communities Action Network supports the efforts of OHY and also provides a variety of basic human services to families in need in the Orono and neighboring communities.

Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners is a non-profit organization that provides families, children and individuals with direct assistance and connects them with life-changing opportunities and resources.

Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin is a community action agency working to improve the lives of low income people by offering service to individuals through outreach, energy assistance programs and homeownership and financial services.

Communities of Orono Public Schools

Each city within the school district has it's own web site with resources citizens can access. Check out your city's site to see what is available to you!

City of Orono

City of Long Lake

City of Maple Plain

City of Independence

City of Medina

City of Minnetonka Beach
What creates healthy and successful youth?

Three large institutions have done significant research on what 'positive youth development' is and what components create programs that lead to youth being healthy and successful. It is this research and these approaches that Orono Healthy Youth bases its work and programs on.

America's Promise developed the 5 Promises as the key ingredients to students having successful education careers that prepare them for college, work and life and prevent students from dropping out of school.

Search Institute: The 40 Developmental Assets

Search Institute, a Minnesota based research organization, developed a list of 40 external and internal assets that they call the "building blocks of healthy development that help young people grow up to be healthy, caring and responsible".

The Character Counts! campaign is used widely across the Orono Public Schools as a model on how to act and behave appropriately within the schools and society. Their program teaches students the type of character they should strive to have - addressing issues of behavior, underachievement and dropout rates.

Made for Our Community

Orono Healthy Youth puts together different information packages for different groups who all work with youth in the community. The information in these packages come from the three research institutes above, and tailored to fit our community and programs. Please feel free to share this information with other adult workers and volunteers!

Faith Communities
This information is intended for the youth workers and volunteers in faith communities to understand the importance of intentionally involving the three youth development theories into programs.
Faith Communities Reference Guide - PDF
Faith Communities Reference Book - PDF
Handout - Please feel free to use me - PDF

Athletic Communities
Coaches have an extreme amount of influence on their athletes. Not only do coaches and leaders teach the game, but youth learn very important life lessons through those experiences! Get more insight into what impact you have as a coach and suggestions on how to purposefully and positively influence your young players!
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