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If we all just put even a small amount of effort into our community, the results would amaze people.
Join the Orono Healthy Youth Collaborative

Orono Healthy Youth is composed of a variety of members of the Orono Public Schools community. Every role and person in the community can impact the opportunities and successes of the youth in their community. Each month a collaboration of community members meets to discuss the current issues, needs, successes and problems of the youth in this community.

You can be a part of this collaborative and have a voice in the work of Orono Healthy Youth.

Contact Melanie DeLuca if you are interested in more information about getting involved today!
Mentor a Youth

Mentoring is an incredibly influential way to help out the youth in your community. This mentor program is academic based, meaning your commitment would require meeting with your mentee during the school day in the student's respective school. This time, however, can be used in a variety of ways, including helping out with homework, studying for tests or just being someone the student can talk with about what is exciting, frustrating, ect in their lives and school.

Orono Public Schools has students at all grade levels looking for mentors for a variety of reasons.

Contact Maryanna Massey if you would like more information, 952-449

Download the application today to get started impacting the life of a youth today!

Mentors are required by Orono Public Schools to do a background check to ensure the safety of students.
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